VNC Votes to Desecrate Oldest African American Church in Venice

Venice gentrification Council

Tonight the Venice Neighborhood Council tonight voted to desecrate the oldest African American Church in the Venice !

No respect or compassion for the history of the African American community at all. It’s a well known fact when the desecration of churches synagogues, mosques, are not respected the people of the community are not respected at all! This Venice Neighborhood Council and Land Use and Planning  is barbaric, cold hearted and extremely uncaring of its community. The two elected committees (VNC and LUPC) have no LOVE or RESPECT for people of color nor the legacy and history that goes along with First Baptist Church.

Let it be known if this 3-lot tie mansion gets okayed by the City of Los Angeles we can all kiss our Venice community that we have come to know and love goodbye. This sets precedence for all the wealthy people to come in and build mansions and force people in modest homes out of Oakwood. It is the only place in 90291 that has the three lot tie in their plan.

Keep the letters going to [email protected] to voice our disapproval of this 3-lot tie mansion proposal. People need to know what this nonfunctioning, disgraceful  Venice Neighborhood Council represents– Greed, Greed, and more Greed. This is a business for the Neighborhood Council and the Land Use and Planning Committee who are comprised mostly of architects, developers, and Venice Chamber of Commerce representatives.  It is not representing the people nor the RICH history that First Baptist Church (Oldest African American Church, 108 years old) has brought to the Venice community!

This church is a three lot tie, and the fact that the VNC and LUPC voted overwhelmingly to have a mansion built that is over 11k square feet with roof top parking, rather than save Venice’s  African American historical landmark of over 108 yrs old, is appalling!


Standing up and showing out for Venice!


Laddie Williams

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