Venice Community Meeting | Wed. May 27th – 7pm

venice community meeting opposition

Community Meeting to Organize Opposition against:

28,000 sq ft. Office Building proposed for Ocean front Walk & Sunset Ave

This coming Wed., May 27 7:00pm  @ 20 Sunset Ave. Venice, CA 90291              

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Venice Local Coastal Specific Plan Prohibits New Office Buildings on OFW but Developer Seeks to be Excused from Local Zoning Laws


Speedway Alley can’t handle the traffic:

  •  More cars competing in the alleys with residents, beachgoers, pedestrians
  •  More cars competing in the alleys with residents, beachgoers, pedestrians.

Office construction would set precedent for all the Ocean Front Walk:

  • Other property owners would redevelop for offices.
  • Residents displaced; beach vibe transformed; neighborhood undermined.
  • Cumulative impact on Speedway Alley and Walk Street Neighborhood.

Not enough parking:

  • Ocean Front Walk parking lot to be lost.
  • New building to add 404 employees, but provide only 91 parking spaces!!!

Too big, too busy, too disruptive:

  • Too high, too wide, and crammed with too much floor space.
  • Zero setback to apartments to south, blocking all windows.
  • 24/7 disruptive business hours.



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1 Response
  1. Kathryn M. Schwertfeger

    I live in Playa del Rey– yet another coastal zone community beset by dangerous development which is out of scale and character for the community and where the City of Los Angeles seems determined to ignore our zoning and other land use regulations. We are in CD 11. My thought is that the Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey and Venice all face similar issues and are all in CD 11. While we may not agree on everything, we likely agree on a couple core issues and principles on which we are willing to unite and fight. I am proposing a declared I have your back and you have my back alliance. So if its not the Ocean Front Office Building, it will likely be another project soon in your area. Venice, like Playa del Rey, seems beset with developers who want more and more at the expense of the community.

    For a community to win in a planning matter in Los Angeles, I understand it takes:

    1. A legal argument with some merit;
    2. A 501(c)(3) (so the City knows you can fund raise);
    3. A lawyer (so the City knows you are serious); and
    4. Political will as in lots of people signing petitions and appearing at hearings.

    I would like to alter the formula on 4, in that we schedule a joint Coastal Community (Hearing) march to the 11th District Council Office. My goal would be to join hands and have a united defense treaty, a sort of NATO for the Coastal Communities. This way we can demonstrate political will at one place, at one time, with multiple communities. We can also do so on a schedule, so people can take the day off, and show-up without the risk that the developer cancels or post-pones the hearing as is the game in Planning. We can also achieve a protest scale which no one community or project can achieve alone.

    Is there someone in your area we could/should talk to? Found this comment box on your webs site. Hope someone still checks here.

    Kathryn M. Schwertfeger
    229 Montreal Street
    Playa del Rey, CA 90293
    (310) 985-1581

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